Call Outcomes

Outcomes are defined in the application and aggregate in this widget upon the completion of a call. Sometimes it's necessary to compare the same outcome over two different time periods at the same time, which is why we offer the option to duplicate or add a second Call Outcomes widget.

There are two views, Total % and Over Time. The Over Time view allows for up to three outcomes to be graphed. Click on the plus to add another outcome. Click on an outcome name to remove it. The background color of the outcome name determines the plot color on the graph.  Call Outcomes with no activity for a time period will not appear in the graph. 

The Total % View is designed to summarize and tabulated call outcomes for a given time period.

The benefits of being able to duplicate the Call Outcomes widget:
1. will allow you to simultaneously view two different time periods on the same screen.
2. will let you compare the percentage difference of each outcome between time periods. When in Duplication Mode, the Call Outcomes widgets will have an additional column for comparing percentage difference between the two time periods.
3. will allow you to view the impact of app changes affecting outcomes in fewer steps. 
A quick screen shot and you're ready to insert the results into an email and share with the team.