This widget will display alerts and warnings based on thresholds set for active concurrent callers.

Clicking on the gear icon will flip the widget to display the settings.

You'll see a pale yellow and a pale red box and each has its own ON/OFF toggle button. 

The pale yellow box contains the maximum warning threshold. You may update this field (maximum 4 digits). When the toggle is set to "ON" and the concurrent call volume exceeds the number in the box, the warning message will display in the original view of the widget.  

The pale red box is for Alerts. Alerts appear in the widget and also trigger an e-mail notification to the address in the My Profile section of the CUE dashboard.

New Alerts and Warnings appear at the top of the widgets. The color will fade as notifications age. The maximum number of notifications in the widget is 100.  After 100 notifications are exceeded, the system will start deleting the oldest.