This widget provides real-time updates for three main averages for the active callers in the system and provides an indication as to how the current callers are tracking as compared to the average for callers in the selected time period.

Avg. Time - average time current callers have been in the application. (1 minute, 28 seconds, which exceeds 56 seconds for all callers for this application for today.) 

Avg. Depth - Average number of dialog states that have transitioned. (The current callers are 6 steps into the application which is slightly higher than the 5 dialog states for all calls completed so far today).

Avg. Errors - Average number of no match/no input events experienced (The average number of errors for the current active callers is .7, which matches the average number of error experienced by callers so far today.) 

The averages below the indicator bar are determined based on calls completed for the time period selected. The colored bars above each average will change to red as you approach the current average.

Click on any one of the three averages to see a detailed breakdown of the current callers for the average shown. In our sample image, we have selected Avg. Time and provided a breakdown of the 18 active callers in the system.