This widget shows the number of active callers currently in the system. The scale to the left of the active call counter shows the peak number of active callers for the time period selected.

As the scale approaches the peak number of active calls, it will change from green to yellow.  Once the peak has been exceeded, the color turns to red.  A new high peak is established once that call has disconnected. 

Please keep in mind that this time period is "Last 24 Hours" and not "Today, " which starts counting at Midnight.

NEW HIGH PEAK example: The Active Caller peak is 13 for Last 24 Hours. Active call number 50 appears at 9am in the system and the scale turns red. Once call number 14 has left the application (hang up, transfer) the peak value is updated to 14.

NEW PEAK (Lowering the Peak):  There may come a time where the active caller quantity will need to lower.  Using the example above, 14 active callers were in the system at 9:00am the previous day.  Even though there have not been more than 13 callers since that moment 24 hours ago, the peak will not recalculate until the hour has completed; at 10:00am, the new (lower) peak will be set at 13.