CUE Now Widgets



This widget shows the number of active callers currently in the system. The scale to the left of the active call counter shows the peak number of active callers for the time period selected.

As the scale approaches the peak number of active calls, it will change from green to yellow.  Once the peak has been exceeded, the color turns to red.  A new high peak is established once that call has disconnected. 

Please keep in mind that this time period is "Last 24 Hours" and not "Today, " which starts counting at Midnight.

NEW HIGH PEAK example: The Active Caller peak is 13 for Last 24 Hours. Active call number 50 appears at 9am in the system and the scale turns red. Once call number 14 has left the application (hang up, transfer) the peak value is updated to 14.

NEW PEAK (Lowering the Peak):  There may come a time where the active caller quantity will need to lower.  Using the example above, 14 active callers were in the system at 9:00am the previous day.  Even though there have not been more than 13 callers since that moment 24 hours ago, the peak will not recalculate until the hour has completed; at 10:00am, the new (lower) peak will be set at 13. 


This widget shows the active callers in the system by 5-minute intervals for the time period selected. A vertical line is drawn noting the current time. 

The time period options are:

Today: A 24 hour period starting at Midnight and ending at 11:59pm

Today vs Yesterday: A view showing the active callers in 5-minute increments for yesterday as compared to today.

Today vs. Last ____day: A view to show the calls for today and the calls for the same day of the week from the previous week.

Below the chart, the timeline narrative will highlight peak calls and lowest active callers for the time period selected.  This narrative updates at the end of a complete hour.  All narratives are based on the application time zone. 


This widget shows current callers and repeat callers.

The Active tab will show the current callers in the system by ANI with the most recent call being at the top.

A repeat caller is an active phone call received from an ANI more than once within a number of hours as determined by the user.

The threshold for repeat callers is set by selecting the configuration gear and sliding the button to the level appropriate for the application.


This widget provides real-time updates for three main averages for the active callers in the system and provides an indication as to how the current callers are tracking as compared to the average for callers in the selected time period.

Avg. Time - average time current callers have been in the application. (1 minute, 28 seconds, which exceeds 56 seconds for all callers for this application for today.) 

Avg. Depth - Average number of dialog states that have transitioned. (The current callers are 6 steps into the application which is slightly higher than the 5 dialog states for all calls completed so far today).

Avg. Errors - Average number of no match/no input events experienced (The average number of errors for the current active callers is .7, which matches the average number of error experienced by callers so far today.) 

The averages below the indicator bar are determined based on calls completed for the time period selected. The colored bars above each average will change to red as you approach the current average.

Click on any one of the three averages to see a detailed breakdown of the current callers for the average shown. In our sample image, we have selected Avg. Time and provided a breakdown of the 18 active callers in the system.


This widget will display alerts and warnings based on thresholds set for active concurrent callers.

Clicking on the gear icon will flip the widget to display the settings.

You'll see a pale yellow and a pale red box and each has its own ON/OFF toggle button. 

The pale yellow box contains the maximum warning threshold. You may update this field (maximum 4 digits). When the toggle is set to "ON" and the concurrent call volume exceeds the number in the box, the warning message will display in the original view of the widget.  

The pale red box is for Alerts. Alerts appear in the widget and also trigger an e-mail notification to the address in the My Profile section of the CUE dashboard.

New Alerts and Warnings appear at the top of the widgets. The color will fade as notifications age. The maximum number of notifications in the widget is 100.  After 100 notifications are exceeded, the system will start deleting the oldest.