The CUE Developer Program FAQ

cuedashboard screenshot

What is CUE?

CUE is a real-time analytics platform surfacing data that was once buried in multiple systems. With CUE, the data points are being gathered and passed to the CUE database in real-time, regardless of where your application is hosted. 

How does CUE work?

The CUE framework is flexible allowing for multiple application types and data streams. The information from the instrumented application is transmitted to the CUE analytics engine via a secure connection. Once the data have arrived at CUE, it is analyzed by the CUE Analytics Engine. To access CUE, users login to the dashboard via a secure website and the live, application data is surfaced in a series of independent, but interrelated widgets to provide a clear picture into the customer behavior within the application and the behavior of the application. This browser-based dashboard is web-based and available on most browser enabled devices (computer, smart phone, tablet).

How do I update my applications?

The CUE Analytics Developer Program is designed to give contact center application development teams the ability to customize their application code to surface user-centric and application performance data. As part of the CUE Developer Program, your team maintains complete control over the information sent to the CUE dashboard as well as application updates.  

How do I get started? 

The first step is to give us your contact information, so we may have a member of our team reach out to you. Please email or call 888-987-1425